Use Cases

Smart Cities:

Be it the Intelligent buildings, Smart toll gates, Smart parking systems or Smart Traffic lights, Security systems across cities, e-dustbins, waste disposal/management systems (plastic waste, e-waste etc) and much more together make a city SMART. This is where our Platform plays a vital role in connecting all these systems as independent sub-systems or inter-dependent sub-systems. Generating sub-system level alarms/alerts and link up to other sub-systems that form the total eco-system of SMART CITIES that so far has not been thought about.

IoT in Healthcare:

Health care plays a very vital role especially when the person is on the move. Records/Readings/Vital Statistics all play a very vital role at the time of emergency related Diagnosis and Treatment. Patients’ records, vital signs over a period of time, details of current treatment, medicines, X-Rays reports, MRI, CT scan/reports and much more, can be made available on your mobile phone or on a smart device attached to the patient. We can offer a Platform that takes care of all this and much more.


Live network statistics, Reports, Details on the fly, Alerts/Alarms available across the organisation. Reduce customer service response times and improve overall network efficiency? We understand your needs on networks and can tailor-make our software to seamlessly integrate with your system.


Connect your home security systems (alarms/cameras/sensors etc) and be safe even when away from home. Automate your home systems, electricity usage, etc from our Dashboards specifically meant for customer usage that removes all the Hi-Tech jargon. Simple to use screens and reporting mechanisms are some of our special offerings.


Asset overview, data/control insights for resource optimization. Be it metering of THINGS in the industry (Manufacturing/Pharma/Mining/……) or monitoring or accounting or Analysing can be done using our Platform. Evaluating, Harnessing the various Sensors/devices/M2M platforms and not only Analysing, but predictive analysis and reporting can be achieved using our PaaS. Our team will be happy to engage with customers to Study and arrive at a Optimum solution for your specific industry application.


Be it regular food crops of cash crops, being SMART helps a lot and achieve a good crop. Sensors, Actuators to measure various parameters including (but not limited to) Soil conditions, Pest infestations, Rainfall levels, Moisture, Live stock behaviour, monitoring the Machinery in usage, storage conditions, etc have to be monitored 24/7/365 for optimum Crop output. Our platform helps to integrate most o the on-ground equipment with our Gateways and provide the required reports/analysis/alarms etc for the Farmer on the move. Backed by our ALWAYS-AVAILABLE Gateways and Servers the work is almost done.

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Download our Cloud Based Mobile App for better performance

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