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Unifiedgateways solutions/products are based on certified HomePlug networking technology to provide high performance In-Home networks and Access networks that enhance digital living experience of the consumer.

Products are tailor-made to suit residential and commercial networking requirements. They are able to deliver and satisfy networking needs of consumers in a very cost-effective way by avoiding lot of cabling & associated costs and service provider’s “Truck Rolls”. The CPEs in most of the cases are self-installable.

Key practices & guiding forces:

Broadband over Power line (BPL) and Ethernet over Coax (EoC)

Amazing speeds on power line and coax help both In-Home user and operators (LCOs, MSOs, Service providers) to utilize the existing infrastructure for propagating the bandwidth.

Home users can easily install/manage the BPL products within the home without any Service provider or technical help. Find a plughole and the network is up and running in a matter of seconds (BPL-Wireless devices require some set-up to avoid unwanted intruders).

The cable operator can easily manage UG’s EoC networks. Simple GUI interface allows the operators to do Remote network monitoring/managing (SNMP, Telnet, FTP, TFTP…). The UI can easily control the bandwidth allocation for each dwelling, limit the MAC addresses allowed to communicate, and optimize the total network bandwidth.

Digital Living

In-Home connectivity based on Power line and Coax is paving the way next generation living offering great speeds for Home networks. Amazing speeds of 200Mbps and 500Mbps are available in the hidden electrical wires in homes and offices. So no more cabling, switches/hubs etc for great speeds and connectivity.

Connecting Television with Android based HD Media players or HD Movie experience or High-speed audio/video conferences or High-speed security solutions or IP cameras are just some of the applications that can be streamed and used for. WiFi anywhere & Ethernet anywhere just with your electric plug-holes.

Go Green!!!

Using existing cables inside a home or office makes it a smart and surely an efficient way of (y)our contribution to the environment. It becomes very easy and efficient way to provision home appliance and solar energy management services that shall save money and make consumer’s homes go green.

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Download our Cloud Based Mobile App for better performance

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